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DIY furniture

Paradise for DIY artist. Uphostery or design and make your own.

Straw products for uphostered DIY

Uphostered with Water Hyasinth or natures Gold color shinny Wheat braid

Please ask your supplier to import ready made upholstery material, and contact us about how to get better quality and reduced cost in wholesale price.


Bamboo products
Even though bamboo poles is our main supply, bamboo sticks for gardening & garden decoration, bamboo furniture, fences, baskets, mats, window blinds etc. are available.
Clean & untarnished decorative Bamboo has been straightened, dried. Bamboo is naturally elegant, an architectural masterpiece designed by nature.
Unlike solid rattan, bamboo is hollow, yet it is strong and rigid and not easy to be bent.
Size of bamboo tapers, diameter reduces as much as 50% over 6 meter length. For economical transport
Length of bamboo are cut in
12.5 feet (3.8meter),
19.5 feet (5.9meter), but actually all lengths are available.
Diameter is measured at about 1 meter from the root end (big end). Sizes are set in diameter range like these
Half inch, 0.5Ħħ, (11\13mm)
One inch, 1Ħħ, (24\27mm)
1-1/2inch, 1.5Ħħ, (36\39mm)
Two inch, 2Ħħ, (48\31mm)
2-1/2inch, 2.5Ħħ, (36\39mm)
Three inch, 3Ħħ, (74\78mm)
3-1/2 inch, 3.5Ħħ, (86\90mm)
Four inch, 4Ħħ, (96\103mm)

Decorative Bamboo, straightened, clean & untarnished, dried, light color poles are naturally elegant raw material for designer and decorator.

Want to Do-it-yourself (DIY) ? For developing your ceative idea, you can start with ready made sets of bamboo furniture component parts or start with raw material,prepared bamboo poles.
Creative ideas
Without much finishing work, bamboo poles can be made into furniture, panel, and decorative matrix with simple design.
Assembly can be done with simple wood/rattan dowel/pin and plastic cement or other clay-like plastic (epoxy) material that would solidify.

You design, we have it made for you.
Hundreds of Bamboo furniture furnishings ideas can be put into this area. What value most is your creative design, your unique ideas. Why not share with us, and send us a message by e-mail and chat about it.

The HANDLES of many high fashion ladies' hand begs, designer tea pots, baskets, polo balls, fishing fly rod even smart looking walking sticks parquet floor tiles are made with Bamboo and bamboo roots.

Bamboo Problems
Some people say all bamboo will crack. That is true eventually.
This is particularly obvious for green bamboo that has a lot of moisture content. The structual change from lost of moisture content are known to be the main course of lineal cracks. These cracks would not show up in matter of months and years. Nevertheless we find a large part of bamboo would not crack many yeara during their useful life span if they can be picked out, during selection after a reasonable period of drying time. In this case fresh bamboos are not desirable. We select only those bamboo believed to be durable, test selected after they have been air dried for some time.
Insect fungus and similar pest are attracted by bamboo. Fumigation is a must do procedure before export from China. All our bamboo material and bamboo products are funimgated by internationally recognized professionals, and fumigation certificates can be provided together with export documents upon request.
Internationally acceptable industrial fumigation work is usually done by injecting Methyl Bromide (a gas used on all timber products) in a air tight chamber where bamboo/wood products are fumed for over 24 hours. Then test for chemical residue could be done to assure effectiveness.
On small articles for home use, users can try submerge the entire bamboo products in petrol chemical or methyl alcohol for a reasonable period of time to allow chemical penetration. Alternative steam heat the product to 80degree C for at least 10 minute, or until you are sure all live organism are dead. However, steam and alcohol may damage the finishing and change the internal tension of the bamboo parts. People had tried spraying home used insecticide on furniture that is completed sealed to air tight by plastic cover, twice over a peiord of weeks. This seems to be effective for some situation, but there is not assurance of complete extermination. Nevertheless this method had been a help for some people who has no choice. Cross contemination between insect infested wood and originally fumigated (disinfected)bamboo is possible. It this case a more thorought insecticide spray all over the storage space would be required.

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