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Please ask your supplier to import ready made upholstery material, and contact us about how to get better quality and reduced cost in wholesale price.


Rattan material
We offer only what we believe to be the best rattan available, the most suitable few species, including
Kooboo Lunchi (LCH), size range 4\8mm,8\10mm,10\12mm,
Tohiti (THT) size range 12\14mm, 16\18mm, ...24\26mm, 26\28mm, and
Batang(BTN) size range 24\26mm, 26\28mm....32\34mm,34\36mm.
Of course there are other available occasionally such as Manau poles, Palambang rattan, etc. etc. The rattan we choose are flat knotted, pliable (flexible & strong) and has most uniform density and uniform quality dimension (diameter, color, size selection). We offer good raw material, known to be the best of its kind already.

What is quality ?
Our definition of quality applies to for all rattan material.(rattan cane, reed, peel & webbing alike) It is not related to the strength, choice or rattan, uniform density and body integrity of material. We start production with the best raw material already.
Special Quality (A or AA grade)is made for only a few connoisseur buyers. It is a class of material produced with special production technique, or produce with special seclection of purity, that is best of the best. Supply in limited quantity only.
First Quality (A/AB grade) is selected pure naturally light color rattan material
1-B Quality (B grade) is light-yellow-tan color rattan core, uniform color or a slightly darker color shade.
2nd quality is rattan material that naturally is less uniform color and contain some gray and small dark spots that can be bleached off.
3rd quality (CD grade) are rattan materialthat has black spot or black patches and body integrity. It is offered only for local users who can examine the material, in spite of great demand but limited avalibility due to economy of its usage.

Rattan core and rattan peel are usually packed in "bulk", bulk-packed" 50 kilogram (110 pounds). Each bale consists of 2 or 4 equal size (12.5kg.) bundles. For convenient of retailers, upon request rattan core it is also packed in 500 gram (half kilogram)
"hanks" (a small bundle, tied at one end where the material is bent, whereas the rest of the bundle is being kept straight to reduce straightening work when used ). and in 500 gram
"coils" (a coil is a hank winding into a disk shaped coild for easy retail mailing. . Except for Flat and Flat-Oval rattan core, most rattan core of size (diameter) bigger than 5mm can not be made into coils.

AA. Rattan Cane :
This refer to whole rattan with "bark on", or called natural rattan cane. Good looking rattan are uniform (in diameter and in density) and light in color and do not have prominent knots. Natural rattan cane are usually sold selected (for size, diameter, length range), sorted (for quality, color purity), washed (scrubbed and rinsed with mild bleaching solution), straightened, properly dried) weighted and packed in uniform bundle.
The more commonly used rattan cane are the
barked and polished rattan poles (more than 18mm). These are rattan poles mostly hand barked/debarked "bark off" and machine polished with fine sand paper (abrasive). By nature thei diameter is not exactly through out each and every piece. Some of the rattan are sized (machine grinded to uniform diameter) upon request before they are finely polished. Polished rattan(cane) are more smooth looking. They are more uniform, and hence industrially controllable. Because barked and polished rattan are made from less good looking rattan, their cost are about the same as o natural rattan (those with bark on). Size range of Barked and Polished rattan are the same as the natural rattan.

BB.Rattan core

Rattan core has also called wicker, reed, center- cane. Rattan core is interior part of rattan cane (core part, pith) that has been cut to different uniform shape. (There are Half-Round, Flat-Oval, Flat, Spline etc.) Rattan core of different shapes are made with combination of different techniques.
The foremost criterion on quality is the right choice of raw material. The reed (rattan core) material has to be firm and supple. Its density has to be just right and uniform (Density uniformity is important for good bending shape, no kinks & no cracks). It has to be strong (in relative tensile strength).
Round rattan core, unlike barked rattan cane mentioned above, it not only has a perfectly round shape, it is also produce in well defined size. preferred choice is light and uniform color core. Round rattan core can be made into small diameter from 1.75mm, 2mm, 20mm. It is cut with round cutting blades, hence it is perfectly round and perfectly uniform along the full length of each piece.

Half-round reed, flat-oval reed, and Flat reed have been made into Reed webbings and mats.(such as LC3806, LC301, LC304, LC3307(5mm)). Small diameter round reed has been made into window blinds.

Rattan Peel
Rattan peel is the bark of rattan. It is a protective skin of rattan, and hence it is strong. Strong enough to made into a single sheet of cane webbing that support the weight of a sitting person.
Small size rattan peels (2mm, 2.25mm ... to 3mm) are called chair-cane. The chaircane are edges shaved.
The wide rattan peel (5mm, 6mm, 7mm) are some times called binding cane, or winding cane.

The most important quality for rattan peel is choice of right raw material. The rattan use has to have flat and small knots and wide knot-to-knot distance, so the grain of the bark, rattan peel, has continuous (unbroken) fibre. The bark from which R.Peel is produced has to be clean unscratched and uniform in color. The second most important factor for quality rattan peel is production skill. Much effort has been put to develop production method to make chaircane uniform in thickness, and uniform in width, without producing fiberous hairs and still maintain a relatively long length. Then next consideration is production yield. Because of the relatively high value of rattan peel, the color purity selection and packing has been done in a more refined standard.
Rattan peel, chaircane and binding cane, can be bought in bulky hanks 12.5 kilogram, in 500 gram coils, or in 500 feet, or 1000 feet hanks.
For economical use and for thin over-laping winding method, experienced user would prefer the sharp edged, un-shaved rattan peel for binding. This makes in 5/6mm (5mm to 6mm as one size range) and 6/7mm. The rattan peel is produced by thinny shave off from the side of rattan cane. So the thickness is about uniform but the width is not so exact. This rattan peel has been used to make hand woven rattan mats, that is thinner and softer than most rattan cane webbing.

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