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CANE WEBBING, reed webbing, cane MAT

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Rattan Cane material
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 DIY furniture

Paradise for DIY artist. Uphostery or design and make your own.

Straw products for uphostered DIY

Uphostered with Water Hyasinth or natures Gold color shinny Wheat braid

Please ask your supplier to import ready made upholstery material, and contact us about how to get better quality and reduced cost in wholesale price.


DIY Do-It-Yourself,

Ask your supplier (local importer) about the superb quality uphostery material we make for you, or email

Design it yourself.

Here is a paradise to design and to make furniture with natural material. Rattan, bamboo, willow and straw are natural material that do not require heavy equipment. No expensive investment to start a business line. All material involved are enviroment friendly. You do not need to deal with chemical you are not familiar with. All you need is your creativity.

To help you start a project to get familiar with the material involved, we have organized a starter DIY furniture kit as picture attached.
DIY do-it-yourself rattan furniture (RSC-1, RSC-2)
These furniture kits are ideal for the hobbist.
    All the material you need are included. We have done the difficult work, and leave the finishing work for you to express your creativity.
  1. The parts are prepared (poles has been shaped & half-polished, webbing has been mounted).
  2. They are made to fit for surely good assembly (each chair frame has been tested assembled and the knock-down before packing.)
  3. All components (binding cane, screws, seat and back frames, etc.) are included, except painting (flammable) material .
  4. Each set is individually packed and enclosed in a self-contained box to reduce transport cost, and shelf-space. Wholesalers logo and printed art work can be affixed to the boxes.

Modern wicker furniture can be hand woven with rattan core (reed, wicker) or Willow. No need for power machine tools. Simple high quality rattan make producing DIY furniture easy and stylish.

Rocking Chair can be supplied in completely knocked down (K/D) component parts, OR you can be supplied with rattan material and a simple hand tool for bending that you can build the chair from scratch. All material come in a compact size boxes/bales for economical shipping/handling.

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