Natural craft material ready for chair uphostery & basket
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Lee Luen Yick Company Ltd. - Manufacturer's Representative & Exporter
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CANE WEBBING, reed webbing, cane MAT

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Rattan Cane material
Cane webbing & mat
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Bamboo Mtrl & Prdct
Rush Straw grass
imitation material
DIY furniture

Paradise for DIY artist. Uphostery or design and make your own.

Straw products for uphostered DIY

Uphostered with Water Hyasinth or natures Gold color shinny Wheat braid

Please ask your supplier to import ready made upholstery material, and contact us about how to get better quality and reduced cost in wholesale price.

The Lee Luen Yick Rattan Factory Ltd. motto is: the customer is #1. We're here to assist you with any aspect of customer service. If any questions arise as you surf through our site, you may call us at +852-23600038 during our office hours or send us a e-mail
Our shop and commercial office is located at 390 Lai Chi Kok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, and we really do appreciate your business!

We have a proud histroy, and we come from a group of hard working people dedicated to perfect our professional skill, to help you with all of your needs.

Our export agent Lee Luen Yick Company Ltd. was set up to provide services in non-maunfacturing business unrelated to rattan, functioning as a expert in China Trade on related products.

My name is Dennis I am the representative of both Lee Luen Yick Rattan Factory Ltd. and Lee Luen Yick Company Ltd. who will take care of you, so if you have any questions you can email me or send me a fax message at +852 - 23875034.

Here is a little historical back ground about our company. Lee Luen Yick Rattan Factory Ltd. was incorporated in 1970 in Hong Kong and start international trade since then. Long before then since 1947 the company was a local workshop that process rattan material for exporters. The workshop expanded quickly through out the 1960's and 1970's, employed thousands workers in Hong Kong at first.Through out these years production had been trsforming from a labor intensive process into a semi-machincal production improving products into a more uniform and efficient products for high end funiture producers.
By 1980's three main events happened. (1) the main north American furniture producers, no longer produce furniture in scale in their own countries. The main market of rattan furniture material had shifted.(2) Mainland China has open up for foreign investment for manufacturing industries, and offer great opportunity for low cost of low tech skill labor suitable for our industries. (3) An export ban had been imposed by one of the then main suppling countries of rattan, Since then Lee Luen Yick Rattan Factory had started moving and transferring its production facilities to mainland China and developing other source of rattan through out the early 1990's. By early 1990's all production are done in mainland China. Part of the production has been done under supervision under selectively contract workers. Business has expanded into other natural products line and weight more heavily on service and trading.

Lee Luen Yick Company Ltd. & Lee Luen Yick Rattan Factory Ltd.
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