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CANE WEBBING, reed webbing, cane MAT

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Rattan Cane material
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Paradise for DIY artist. Uphostery or design and make your own.

Straw products for uphostered DIY

Uphostered with Water Hyasinth or natures Gold color shinny Wheat braid

Please ask your supplier to import ready made upholstery material, and contact us about how to get better quality and reduced cost in wholesale price.


Rattan cane webbing
Rattan cane webbing has been called rattan mats, rattan nets, pressed cane, pre-woven cane etc. The most general classification is called open cane (cane webbing that has holes like a net, square holes, rectangular holes and octagonal holes. The well known 1/2กจmesh indicates that the octagonal mesh weaving pattern (not the
The close woven cane webbing is by its name close woven, that the weft and warp (rattan yarn) are laid closely together.
Nowadays, cane webbing also included reed webbing, or more accurately refered to as rattan-core webbing.. This is simply cane webbing make with reed (rattan core) instead of rattan peel (rattan skin, referred to as cane here).

Cane webbing enhence quality of furniture. It adds natural warm feeling to modern straight edges furniture, yet is is also commonly used in antique and antique style elegent design. It was invented and developed to reduce furniture production labor cost. It is a elegant looking, mostly hand made uphostery material that made production of quality furniture simple, less bulky,fast, easy, and economical. A designers helper, but not so common known.

Many patterns of cane webbing has developed over the years, but only a handful has been proven successfully. These designs those have gone through the test of time, proven desirable and practical, almost defects free.
Uncommon patterns are usually more difficult to produce, but not impossible. They tend to ha a relatively shorter fashion life span and cost more. This make useful new designs more valued. We have kept on creating and adding our collection on this line of products, over decades of years, in spite of many competition and copying in the industry. Our key of success is to offer real quality with the magical help of production experience.

Of course, there are other hand made cane webbing patterns available, such as those fully hand made, reproduction from antique furniture, custom design, and design of our some customers unique favorites.

There are also some modified cane webbing products, such as colored webbing, pre-cut webbing pieces, special weaving pattern and color patterns if so desired.

Please also check on water proof "plastic cane webbing" and the "light & uniform paper webbing" under the title page of "More Product" herein. You can also click underlined word immitation cane here.

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