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Hats made with straw, paper and seagrass with unique design for both mens and womens.

Paradise for DIY artist. Uphostery or design and make your own.

Straw products for uphostered DIY

Uphostered with Water Hyasinth or natures Gold color shinny Wheat braid

Please ask your supplier to import ready made upholstery material, and contact us about how to get better quality and reduced cost in wholesale price.


Welcome to the website of Lee Luen Yick Rattan Factory Ltd.. We help you create,design and make furniture and other interor decoration project, using environmentally friendly natural material.
We have developed this web site to allow you to get to know our products and services a bit better, as well as make all of our information available to you 24 hours a day.

We will continue to add product and company information to this site on a weekly basis so if you don't find what you're looking for please check back often.
If you require immediate attention you can send us an email at or send us a fax at +852- 23875034 or give us a call during Hong Kong office hours at +852 - 23600038, or use our super quick online form.

Ask your supplier (local importer) about the superb quality uphostery material we make for you, or email

No matter for hobby, for mail order supply or import and wholesale,
no matter you have interest in retail business or just want to service those creative people who like design and make their own furniture,such as: DIY (Do-It-Yourself)
K/D (Knock Down) Furniture ,
if you are interested in furnishing and do your own interior decoration, please consider these environmental friendly, exotic, natural beautiful, material. They are:-
rattan, cane, webbing, mat, for upholstery, reed, wicker,
bamboo for chair, screen and room partition,
straw, rush, sea-grass, cord, for seat and hand bag,
willow, fern, twig for baskets, window shades, blinds and fence,
There are many pre-woven material plait, braid are used to decorate handbags and used in place mats, tea-pot handles you find in everyday life.

AA Rattan material
Rattan is one of the most user friendly material, that is durable, not easy to break, no spikes, flexible and exotic.
We offer only the best rattan, a group of selected few most suitable for commercial use. Our rattan have flat knotted; they are pliable (flexible and strong), uniform in density and diameter. What we refer to as difference in quality actually refers to only the different degree of good look only.
For us quality has been built into our product before we start production, because we start work with the best raw material available already.
Interested in the world's best Rattan Cane Webbing & Rattan Mats ?
Are looking for craft reed that has no splinter, smooth bending curve, supple and strong ? Craft reed, Round Rattan Core, Flat-Oval Reed ?

BB. Straw cord & Straw mats

Straw material has been widely used in basket and furniture nowadays. The most popular 2-ply twisted sea-grass cord has been used in rush seat.
Not only quality of these tradition straw products has been improved to meet the rising demand of the new generation of handicraft artists, but specialized service are provided. Customized packing and advertising material in packaging are available too.
Also better specifications and more variety of choice have been added to the original line of straw products. such as 1-ply cord, dye colored cord. New kinds of straw types make available cords of different texture, multi-color leaves, texture and looks.
There are wheat/rye straw, maize/coin straw, rush (fresh water marsh grass), banana/palm leaf stalk, water-hyacinth, bamboo shoot sheath are the latest fashionable material.
These do not include the new production technique on the paper-rush, cord made from craft paper. Jute, rattan fibre and coconut fibre (coir) are available on demand too.

"CC. Bamboo poles & Bamboo products"

Bamboo are found in practically in every country. in China alone, hundreds of different species can be found. The most consumed bamboo are those come from the sub-tropical region of southern China. They are mainly used for scaffolding, farming/gardening , and utility baskets.

What we can offer are mainly bamboo poles and bamboo mats use for furniture, only for decoration purposes. One of the group, locally called the white bamboo (some foreign users refer to as the "clean bamboo" or yellow bamboo).
Another kind of bamboo is known for strength, used for making fishing fly rod (Winkee cane).
Some decorative bamboo are naturally dark in color and some has unique artistic pattern.

Bamboo do not crack and break by climate and wheather easily, if they are properly sealed with paint or lacquer, or be carbonized by heat, or split & tied up properly, or made into smaller furniture component parts. Bamboo are strong and durable in all practical sense.
Check here if you are interested in creating you own furniture, panel with bamboo ?

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